Victoria Vigilanti
April 15, 2020

How to Keep Your Kids Learning and Busy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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5 Tips for Taking a Road Trip With Your Family

Victoria Vigilanti
February 19, 2020

Your bags are packed and ready to hit the road. Roadtrips can be a great family bonding experience until the children get bored and start to ask, "are we there yet?" or "I'm hungry", and then the crying and fighting begin. Don't worry, with these tips, you can be fully prepared for anything the open road can throw at you!

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Adapting Education and Learning to the 21st Century

Victoria Vigilanti
January 17, 2020

The modern-day education should allow students to develop skills that they will need to have success in our 'new world'. Classrooms and curricula should be utilising technology, but unfortunately, not all schools can provide technology in the class. With access to technology, children can watch a video, or play educational games, while having fun doing it and in most cases, learn at a faster pace.

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The Benefits of Gamification in Children's Education

Victoria Vigilanti
November 15, 2019

Kids love to play; it's what makes kids, kids. It's been proven that children learn through emotion. This is why gamification can have a significant effect on your child's learning development.

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What Is the Right Age to Introduce Smartphones and Tablets to Your Child?

Victoria Vigilanti
October 16, 2019

The ideal age is two. Children under the age of two will learn better from their environmental surroundings, like using their senses, which is very important for development.

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