Victoria Vigilanti
October 7, 2020

Learn about Colours in English

Let’s learn how to say colours in English with proper pronunciation!

Look through the picture with your kids, and help them learn the correct colour vocabulary!

Learn Colours in English

Below is the list of colours that are in the picture above. Can your child name all the right colours? 


When your kids play Eduka’s World, they will learn about grammar, pronunciation and spelling of the most common colours in the English language. In Eduka's World, your child will hear first hand how to say the colours in English from a native speaker. This allows your child to hear the colour in a native accent, and with correct dictation.

Through memorization and using photographic memory, your children will learn about English colours. Eduka’s World makes learning English fun and educational! 

To download Eduka’s World for free, click here:

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Mother of Matilda
"Matilda really enjoys moving through the different worlds. The Story behind U is very charming. Finally, an App that doesn’t just quiz children on vocabulary but encourages them to dream."
Mother and teacher
"A huge compliment: After only one week some children in my group were able to speak a few words in English. For them, it’s always an exciting adventure they want to play again and again."

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