Victoria Vigilanti
April 15, 2020

How to Keep Your Kids Learning and Busy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During these overwhelming times, when schools have closed and kids are home, parents are faced with the dilemma of keeping their children occupied, while practising social distancing. Some parents also have to balance working from home while keeping their child entertained, and this is not an easy task. 

Don’t worry; take a deep breath. The good thing is, you are not the only one facing these problems. We did some research for you and put together some resources that will help you and your kids survive this quarantine with smiles on your faces.

5 resources by school subject that will keep your children learning while having fun!

1. Math

Coolmath4kids has an abundance of games, lessons and more, designed to teach math and make it fun. This website is intended for children 12 and under. It provides a variety of brainteasers, quizzes and more!

2. Science

Mad Science turns your home into your very own lab and your children into mad scientists. This website is great because the majority of the experiments use materials that are typically found in the house. It’s also easy to navigate for your child since most experiments have a video tutorial as well as a PDF!

3. English

Eduka's World is an English learning app for kids ages 3-10. Eduka’s World will allow your children to have fun while learning English! Since children love to be on their smartphone or tablet, this is a great alternative to ensure they are getting educational and quality screentime. Best of all, Eduka’s World is now completely free! Your kids will learn so much about the English language like numbers, letters, grammar, animals, food, colours and much more!

4. Arts and Crafts

It’s no secret that kids love to get their hands dirty, so why not let them? Seems easier said than done because you’re the one who will be cleaning it up later. 

Slime is a great way to keep your kids busy, and for most kids, slime can be such a relaxing and calming activity. Here is a quick and easy video tutorial for making homemade slime:

For other accessible arts and crafts, here is a great youtube page that provides fun DIY-projects for kids:

5. Physical Education and Nutrition

Now more than ever, kids need to be physically stimulated. It builds healthy bodies and develops healthier brains, and during this tough time, physical activity needs to be a priority. 

For those families without a backyard for kids to safely play, is a free application that provides many ways for kids and families to be active and stay mindful.

Nutrition is also an essential factor while we are in quarantine. It may seem like having Mac and Cheese for dinner is a good idea, but during this time, providing our children with the proper nutrients is crucial. 

Try organizing a cooking class once a week with your whole family. Cook your family's favourite meal, or favourite dessert together. Cooking together is an excellent way for family bonding and ensuring you are getting high-quality meals. 

With the help of these resources, a daily schedule can be made to help children have structure and something exciting to look forward to in their day. Having a regular schedule is very important. Kids should aim to get up, eat and go to bed at their normal times.

Quarantine doesn’t have to be so bad, and together we can make the best of it! 

Stay healthy and safe!

Download Eduka's World to help your kids learn English for free:

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