We believe in business driven by purpose. Our purpose is to make early kids education fun.

Michael Fassbender
Jason Smith
Product Designer
Amanda Peterson
Design Director
Billy Maxwell
Lead Developer
Joshua Harris
Esther Ford
Esther Ford
Esther Ford
Esther Ford
We are game developers. We are content creators. We are story tellers. We are visual artists and musicians. But most of all: We are a team that wants to bring all of these aspects together in order to create interactive experiences for kids that are both educational and fun.

We are also a business. But creating products for kids means you need to do business differently. Privacy is key, gathering only necessary information and keeping it secure is one of our focus areas. Monetization needs to be adapted as well - we don't show any ads, we don't sell data, and we don't have in-game currencies or hidden in-app purchases that parents need to be worried about.

Holding these principles as our core values, we are aiming to create unique experiences for children that are as educational as they are fun. We want to gain the trust from parents, knowing that whenever there is a Primed Kids product: It will be safe, it will be educational, it will be fun.

It will be quality screen time for kids.
Mother of Matilda
"Matilda really enjoys moving through the different worlds. The Story behind U is very charming. Finally, an App that doesn’t just quiz children on vocabulary but encourages them to dream."
Mother and teacher
"A huge compliment: After only one week some children in my group were able to speak a few words in English. For them, it’s always an exciting adventure they want to play again and again."

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