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Help your child
learn English

Take your child on a journey with U and his friends, experience adventures – all while learning English.

Quality screen time for your child

An immersive story and educator approved games help your child learn English - with fun!

For kids ages 3 to 10

It's the perfect age to expose your child to the English language. The benefits include faster brain development and speaking without an accent.

Tested by over 100 kids

And reviewed by numerous parents and teachers in kindergartens in Germany and Austria.

Fun AND learning

Children learn through emotion. That’s why we packed educational content into an immersive story.

Parental controls

You're in charge: Our parental controls allow you to set time limits and get some data on what your kids have learned.

Safe learning environment

Your child should have fun and learn important lessons playfully - with age appropriate content.

Scientifically sound

Natural, subconscious learning through immersion, the effects of which have been supported by numerous scientific studies.

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Meet Ed the Duck & Ka the Kangaroo

Ed and Ka will go on an adventure with your child!

Learning English early is great for your child

Beginning to learn a language before the age of 7 means no accent. And did you know: Speaking more than one language offsets brain changes like Alzheimer's!

What your child knows

First words appear at around 12 months old. At age 2, children use around 50 words.

What your child needs

All your attention! Your child learns by observing everything that you do. Parents can help the language development of their child by making faces, noises, talking, singing and reading stories out loud.

What your child learns

To control how to make a sound. The very first words.

What your child knows

Sentences of about 4 or 5 words become the norm and then increasingly more complex.

What your child needs

Your child still needs your help and attention! However, an immersive story and educator approved games help your child learn English - with fun - and Eduka's World is here to support you!

What your child learns

Slowly making sentences out of words, grasping the very basics of grammar.

What your child knows

At age 5, a child usually knows about 2,500 words. A lot of "why" questions are asked.

What your child needs

Your child becomes increasingly independent and can learn some things without your supervision. Eduka's World is a place for your child to learn at his or here own pace.

What your child learns

Advanced understanding of grammar and sentence structure.

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Mother of Matilda
"Matilda really enjoys moving through the different worlds. The Story behind U is very charming. Finally, an App that doesn’t just quiz children on vocabulary but encourages them to dream."
Mother and teacher
"A huge compliment: After only one week some children in my group were able to speak a few words in English. For them, it’s always an exciting adventure they want to play again and again."

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